Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Kansas City

This is our second year to attend the Kansas City Feis. It's a fun weekend. Several families from our dance school go to this feis. Most also attend the Kansas City Irish Fest, of which the feis is actually part. We didn't set foot in the Irish Fest, though, preferring to hang out at the hotel pool. The weather was gorgeous, and who can resist a roof top pool?

Thalia and AnnaBeth did well at the feis. AnnaBeth placed first in two of her dances, earning her first gold medals. Their teacher has suggested that both of them compete in a couple of Novice dances at the next feis. They've certainly earned their place at that level.

The feis itself is nicely laid out. Our biggest quibble was with the constant switching around of adjudicators. The rules state that you can't judge a dancer that dances with a school you're connected with, which makes sense. BUT, there was much switching around of adjudicators to accommodate the dancer/adjudicator combinations -- it might've been simpler to get adjudicators from a different region whose schools weren't represented. Then again, dancers from all over the U.S. participated, and the rules for what's considered "connection" are getting more and more far reaching (for example, if a dancer from School X practices at School Y -- not taking classes, but just practicing in their studio -- everyone of School X is associated with School Y and vice versa, so adjudicators from School X or Y can't judge anyone from either school. It's Byzantine in complexity.).

Unlike last feis I didn't take any pictures before the dancing started. This was a mistake, since by the end of the day our dancers weren't in the mood to pose for pictures, refusing to put the school dress back on and stand in front of the indoor waterfall at the hotel:

and just sort of looked dazed:

Next morning we headed out to visit Aunt D. After church we went to her house for lunch, where she introduced us to the game ladderball . It's a hoot -- you throw bolos around rungs of a ladder, and get points basis what rung your bolo wraps around.

And after lunch we headed back home. We didn't get far before the backseat crowd zonked:

The rest of the weekend was pretty quiet, recovering from 2 weekends of feising in a row.

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