Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekly Report -- Sept. 19


AnnaBeth continues to blaze through the fractions section of RightStart C. She loves playing with the wooden fraction chart. The other day she was messing around with it while I was getting out the rest of stuff for the math lesson. "Hey, look what I just did!" I looked. Oh, honey, you just did the lesson. On your own. Under the guise of playing around. "Ummm, keep doing stuff like that and write it down, okay? That's math for the day."

Thalia continues to work through Life of Fred Algebra. This week's questions to me involved misplaced decimals, and were simply a matter of going over the work carefully. Many conversations along the lines of "why is this 15? Shouldn't it be .15?" occurred. Tedious, but necessary.


AnnaBeth and I are still forging our own path through Writing With Ease, finding selections in 101 Dalmations. AnnaBeth is feeling good that she's getting the hang of narrations, copywork and dictation -- all are notably easier for her now. I feel good that I'm finally getting the hang of how to find my own selections for copywork, narration and dictation. I think at this point I might be able to get out those Classical Writing books that are hanging around on the shelves and actually do something with them -- I finally get the point.

In First Language Lessons Level 3 we have completed everything through lesson 45. Sometimes she seems to get a bit confused when diagramming sentences, but I know this will come up dozens upon dozens of times in the next few years, so I'm not too worried -- eventually it will all sink in.

Thalia wrote a rather anemic essay for Lightning Lit. She had some good ideas, but seemed unsure how to develop them. She was also supposed to write thank you notes. If you're waiting for one, don't hold your breath -- it will be a few more days before they appear.


We have reached chapter 6 in Minimus. AnnaBeth is spending more time with flashcards. She makes them from the vocabulary lists in the book.

Thalia continues to work through Latin for Children B.

And I spent time working on Henle. Yay me.


Ecoutez Parlez unit 2 continues. Still learning fruits. We practice every time we go into a grocery store.

By the way, in answer to km's question last week. I don't know French. I can read it silently, but am fairly clueless about pronunciation. That's why the curriculum we choose MUST have a strong audio component, which limits our choices. The pronunciation rules for this language drive me batty, frankly.

Thalia still prefers Spanish for Children to Rosetta Stone. She wants to get more grammar down before returning to Rosetta Stone. Also, sometimes the RS disc is wonky, and takes forever to load, which is annoying.


Little House on Rocky Ridge, Burgess Animal Book, 101 Dalmations, Tree in the Trail (I really do not like books by Holling C Holling, but I keep trying; right now we're reading this at a brisk pace so we can be done with it), Our Island Story.

I am leaving out something. What? Hmm, we also had Scouts, dance, choir, piano, swimming. Another busy week.

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