Saturday, September 6, 2008

Weekly Report -- Sept. 5

Gah! Having only 4 days this week was tough. Yes, most of our curriculum is divided into nice little 4 day segments, but this particular short-week also featured an orthodontist appointment, the first Scout meetings of the year, a trip to the airport to pick up Daddy, a piano lesson, and about 8 hours of dance lessons.

We did manage to fit in some school here and there. Annabeth did 3 days of Writing With Ease, 4 days of RightStart C and First Language Lessons 3, and a couple of days of both French and Latin. Thalia did Life of Fred Algebra all 4 days, and then some Latin and Spanish.

We still aren't totally up to speed on all of our outside activities. Next week we'll be adding swimming lessons and choir to the mix. Should be interesting.

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