Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend Update

Our dance school had a performance at the Missouri River Irish Fest. Actually, every Irish dance school in the area had a performance at the Festival.

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Thalia is dancing hornpipe with a couple of other girls. ("Why are their faces so smeary, Mommy?" "Because I don't know if their parents want their pictures online, dear.") Bonus: the collar on the right as you're viewing the photo was crocheted by me. A world premiere!

It was raining when we left the house, but turned into a pretty day by the time we got there. We've never been to the Irish Fest before -- apparently it had moved a bit due to the high river. St. Charles is a pretty area to wander around in, and the setting was nice. The stage was rather petite, and inclined to bounce around, but the crowd was appreciative.

Afterwards Aunt L and Uncle M came over for supper and birthday celebrations. Aunt L brought cake:

This is the 3rd birthday cake we've had this month. Oh, wait, really it's the 4th. And still more to come!

We also played games. Uncle M brought marbles:

He won every game, but he left 2 bags of marbles here for us to practice with for future matches, not to mention the carpet square with the pre-drawn circle. We also had the usual bottle drop, bean bag toss, and also played Ladderball in the entrance. AnnaBeth cleaned up in LadderBall, consistently wrapping her bolos around the 3-point rung. Prizes were distributed to the winners, birthday gifts were opened, and we were all up way too late once again.

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Tara said...

Thalia looks great on the little "stage." Isn't it amazing how much venues differ? The last place Tess danced in she had a tent for a dressing room. She's also had an old janitor's closet and a nice, carpeted private room with a tray of pastries and fresh ice water. Go figure...