Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Another quick post ....

because I wanted to record the corduroy pants I just made for Annabeth.

I used the same pattern as the last pair -- 6/2009 #17 134 length, somewhat less than 128 width. Except she wanted pockets, so I made the front yoke into a waistband and added pockets under it.

It took awhile to draw out a new pattern incorporating the alterations I made since the pattern had been to big around her waist, PLUS all the fiddling around making a new waistband and front, and making pattern pieces for pockets. But I got it done, and was sewing it all together in a sort of cloud of smugness (remember Jillian from Project Runway? I remember reading that the first thing she ever designed was a pair of pants) until I started to sew the side seams and realized that the front was about 2.5 centimeters longer than the back. Apparently I enter an alternate reality when I figured out the front pants piece. So I quickly re-drew it, cut off the excess up at the top (which seemed to be higher at the sides than in the middle), and sewed on a new waistband.

All of which means the pockets are a bit off -- the opening is a bit smaller. And they sort of gap a bit. But, you know, the pants fit and are soft and comfy, and she's happy with them.

I swear that every road trip we take, right before we leave we're in a whirl trying to come up with new pants for someone in this family. So now that little tradition has been carried out, and we can start packing. Maybe. Really, I have an almost overwhelming urge to alter Annabeth's school dress, which looks a bit short to me ....

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