Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Big Event

The 2009 Jack-o-Lantern collection (all carved by the kids):

And, presenting the 2009 costume concept -- The Bacteria Bunch

Left to right: Staphylococcus, Salmonella, and Shigella (a.k.a. Stomach-Ache). The general idea for the costumes came from Giant Microbes. Salmonella is holding one of their plushies in her left hand, while Shigella has a homemade knockoff stuck in the V of her shirt.

If Vogue ever does a spread on Salmonella, we're ready:

And it wouldn't be the weirdest thing we've seen in a fashion magazine.

Close up as Shigella, who is also having a Fashion Model Moment:

When I was buying the fleece for this the lady in front of me in the line asked what sort of costume I was making, probably thinking of something like a canary. I said, "A virus" (which was a lie, but sounded classier than a bacterium). She sort of blanched, but the lady behind me in line was very enthused. "Oh, how topical. Is someone being H1N1? IS this for a college kid?" Um, no and no -- it's for a 10 year old.

In keeping with the St. Louis tradition of telling a joke, reciting a poem, or singing a song (which I think is probably a holdover from the Martinmas celebrations in the German immigrant sections of the city, but who knows), The Bacteria Bunch sought to entertain at each and every house (in this one they whip around and face the camera, while I'm holding the phone for Aunt Donna to hear -- they had a lot of encore requests at the houses they went to so they could show multiple household members and guests their routine):

The routine:

Ring bell or knock. When the door is opened, shout: "Hi! We're the Bacteria Bunch!" followed by

"Find a host,
Find a host.
Infect! Make ill!
Infect! Make ill!
And party on the dance floor...."

Accept tons of candy from appreciative audience. Say thanks and go on to the next house. Repeat about 50 times.

The apres-Trick-or-Treat sorting:

They already have next year's costumes and routine in the planning stages.


Anonymous said...

We would have loved to have the bacteria bunch trick or treating in our neighborhood. Lots of ghouls, cute cowboys, a pair of cupcakes, some Legos and witches, but no bacteria. :-)
This was the first year my daughter did not trick or treat. No costumes to make. Still not sure how I am feeling about that. Might have to organize something for the older kids next year so Halloween still feels like Halloween.

Gail said...

I think we would have given it up already -- especially our older daughter -- if it weren't for the performance aspect. They're more excited about coming up with outfits and routines than about amassing a bagful of candy. And people seem to accept older kids trick-or-treating if the kids are really WORKING to entertain at each house.

KPCL Girl said...

That was GREAT!! We sold the Giant Microbes at the Hook's Drug Store Museum this summer, so we knew just what you were talking about... :-)

Ami said...

Incredibly creative!!


Best costumes/idea I've seen.

Aunt Elaine said...

Has Project Runway done a Halloween costume challenge?