Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Work in Progress Wednesday

Okay, I'd planned to get an early start on this post, but I kept getting the dreaded Error 400 whenever I tried to load pictures.

But, finally, we have those vital photos!


After days and days and days of rain, we had enough non-rainy weather to rake and gather leaves. And the lawn dried out enough (sort of) to mow. So, after 3 days of work we had this:

And within 24 hours we had this:

Because Maple B is starting to dump leaves:

The oaks and white pines are also getting in on the act.


We're supposed to go to a dinner, but get this, I found out a few days ago that men will be wearing coat-and-tie and ladies will be wearing dresses. Wow, my wardrobe reflects my lifestyle, which is mostly about raking leaves. No dresses.

So, I needed a quick dress. No time to make a muslin to test a pattern, which pretty much rules out the Big 4 pattern companies, given the inconsistent pattern-drafting. I started looking at Burda and Ottobre. Then I happened to notice the Must Have list on, which mentioned Simplicity 3775. And I discovered that someone had even made it in stretch velvet, which looked reasonably dressy.

Plus, bonus, there was stretch velvet on sale at JoAnns:

It's actually black, but who can photograph black?

Anyway, pattern on sale, fabric on sale, and we're off to the races, trying to get this done in time.

I lowered the neckline some. Also, since I'm quite shortwaisted, I shortened the waist piece.

Still have the hemming to do. So, more things I could add to this post, but I must go HEM.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful dress and backyard (with or without leaves)!