Friday, November 20, 2009

Quite unexpectedly ...

We now own a Kindle.

Rick was given this yesterday, but when we registered it the words "Gail's Kindle" magically appeared, which I took as a sign that the mystical powers of the universe intended this to be MINE. It helps that our account is in my name, but I prefer believing that it's magic.

Although, as you can see, others seem to think it belongs to THEM. (Note how it looks like a pad from Star Trek. Very cool.)

It has come to my attention that a lot of classic books -- the sort of thing you'd like to entice your kids to read -- are available as free Kindle downloads. A cunning plan is forming in my mind.

So far the only item we've paid for is the 15 book Frank L. Baum/Oz collection for 99 cents, which seemed like a decent deal for a series that Thalia enjoys and we don't own.

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Anonymous said...

Having gadget envy at the moment... although I wonder if I would miss actually holding the book and turning real pages...