Monday, November 16, 2009

More Busy-ness

I haven't answered a bunch of emails, and I haven't been keeping up with blogs and such because we're entering the busiest 2 week stretch of the year.

Aside from driving to Fort Smith and back this weekend, we also got up a boatload of leaves before it started raining last night/today.

And I'm in charge of the Fall Nut Sales for 2 Girl Scout troops. I need to enter the orders today, although I notice at least 3 people haven't sent me an order nor told me that they weren't participating. I'm fine with people not participating, but now I have to call people and find out if that's really the case, or if they just forgot to send in their order. Then I have to organize it all and enter it. Not terribly difficult, but tedious and time-consuming.

Also, I'm supposed to do my workday for the co-op this week. So I have to find the directions for what all I'm supposed to do while I'm there. I threw the folder somewhere back in August and haven't looked at it since.

And Annabeth is sick, so part of yesterday was spent contacting various teachers and saying she wouldn't be wherever she's supposed to be for the next couple of days. This involved rescheduling an audition.

Plus both kids were just invited to audition for something else. And I still need to see about signing up for that Shakespeare class. And the rats -- I haven't been back in touch with the guy about the rats (Annabeth really wants pet rats, and someone needs a new home for 2 females, and it does seem pretty ideal, except that it involves organizing the transfer, and then several days getting the rats and cats to calm down about their new living situation).

Yesterday I did manage to contact the person I needed to talk to about the Troop talent show this week. So that one can be crossed off the list.

And other stuff ... there's always other stuff going on. Stuff I'm blocking out of my mind, or simply forget.

Okay, part one -- figure out who sent their nut order, then figure out who I need to call ....


Anonymous said...

It must be the time of year... lots of busyness here too, just different stuff. Good luck with everything!

km said...

And you didn't even mention that Thanksgiving comes in there too. I've noticed that each year our busyness ups a notch. I'm totally trying to enjoy each year my littles are still little enough to not have too many commitments.

Freakmom said...

Regarding the 3 that didn't turn in their orders or let you know they aren't participating: that is the kind of thing that is really, really getting to me. They can't be bothered to send a 30 second e-mail? They are so busy they can't be polite and thereby cause you more work? Rudeness and inconsideration gets my goat these days.