Friday, November 6, 2009


A couple of things we finished this week, which are pretty much unrelated to each other:

RightStart D:

AnnaBeth has finished this particular book, and we're both so glad. I'd gotten it a few years ago for Thalia, and this particular edition had numerous typos. In many places the 7s are switched with 3s.

Overall, I like RightStart. I think that, overall, the concepts are good, and I've learned a lot about teaching math from using these books. Of course, there are things I don't like about the overall program (for instance, that Yellow Is the Sun song is a total loser that no one should bother teaching a child), but I like more things than I dislike. But, wow, I wouldn't even give this particular book away to someone, there are so many typos. So, into the trash it goes. I'd rather burn it, but don't feel like expending that much effort.

Good riddance.

And, the dress:

I've noticed that I never take note of things I wish I'd jotted down, so here are some notes in case I have any questions later:

Simplicity 3775 in size 12. I guess you could say that it's view C, but with long sleeves. I used stretch velvet, which didn't have quite enough stretch for the pattern, so I made the dress a bit looser than I would for a lighter, stretchier fabric. Although the fabric said Dry Clean Only, I washed it in cold water on the "handwash" cycle before cutting, then dried on air fluff. It tends to collect lint like a microfiber dustcloth, so that's a consideration in future cleaning.

I lowered the neckline to the size 4 cutting line. That meant I had to lengthen the neckband, which I made the length of the neck opening minus 1 inch. I ignored the pattern directions for attaching the neckband, preferring a method more like this.

For the hem, I serged the edge, then used a narrow (about .5 on my machine) zigzag usig a roller foot. I just flipped the edge up while I sewed -- no pinning.

The shoulders are too wide, and if I make it again I need to take the pattern in there.


mermaids said...

looks great! very expensive. :) i have made that pattern also. it is definitely a good one.

Trish said...

fabulous dress!! :o)