Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Countdown Continues

Bookstore gift wrapping is the big money-maker for Thalia's Scout troop. And one more Annual Christmas Event can now be checked off as DONE.

As a matter of fact, the Fall Nut sales have always been considered a means to this end -- the troop needed to sell at least one can of nuts in order to be eligible to do other fundraisers like gift wrapping. And gift wrapping is pure profit for the troop -- Council doesn't get a cut, nor does a manufacturer. This year, of course, we had a bunch of kids who thought it would be fun to sell lots and lots of nuts ... aack! But that's all over now, and maybe next year they'll reconsider. It's all about the wrapping, folks.

ANYWAY, last night I learned that Thalia had been taught to wrap by a gift wrap professional, which is why she does the ends of the packages in that funky, complex origami. Where was I when this happened last year? Obviously not at the bookstore. Apparently the woman just came over, had them wrap her gifts, and gave them all instructions as they went along -- very, very cool (people can be so nice). This is the sort of moment that makes you realize that your kids are really growing up, interacting with other members of society just like regular people.

We also met a woman who said her troop raised money for 6 years so that they could take a Caribbean cruise their senior year. Wow. And another woman who said that she ended up with $20,000 in college scholarships based on her participation in Scouts. Double wow. We have the business card from the latter.

(By the way, you can't see her legs, but she has candy cane striped knee socks with white furry tops, and little elf boots.)

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Ami said...

Profit.. no cut for council?

We always ended up missing the gift wrap thing... when the call went out for troops to do that, the older troops got first priority.

My mixed group with lots of different ages always ended up at the bottom of the list.