Thursday, December 3, 2009

My horoscope says I'll be vindicated for a choice I've recently made


Even though I have a dental appointment later this morning, I didn't floss my teeth last night. Maybe that will turn out okay.


This will actually fit Thalia, since I just made size 36 as is with no fitting or alterations or whatnot.

Ottobre 5/2008 #2 "Buttoned denim skirt" I left off the belt loops and belt since she said she'd not be tucking her top into the waistband anyway. Which also makes it okay that the topstitching on the upper waistband is really uneven (well, no, it's not okay, but no one much will see it). Also, I didn't do the topstitching in high contrast thread or do anything much to emphasize it -- I would've done a triple stitch to make it show up more, but I was in too much of a hurry and this has quite a bit of topstitching (the skirt is in 7 sections, and then the waistband and hem band are also topstitched, as is the button band), so I just zipped through it with regular thread and a regular straight stitch.

It's sort of cool that the only thing I had to buy to make this is the buttons. I used some Hello Kitty fabric for the waistband facing.

Okay, I gotta go brush my teeth and find out which decision will be vindicated. Or maybe neither one will. Yikes!


km said...

Amazing! And I have yet to pull out my sewing machine to line a felted purse that's been waiting over a year. I will have to sew sometime before Saturday....we've got a birthday party and I have fabric for the little girls apron, so I don't have to spend anything. Wonder if I'll be up all night on Friday?

mermaids said...

cute, cute skirt! it's on my "to sew" list. totally love the hello kitty peeking out. :)

Bridgett said...

Ok, that's too funny. The horoscope part, I mean, and the flossing.