Saturday, December 12, 2009

I'm Forever Sewing Bubbles

Another satin bubble skirt, this time for AnnaBeth, who is at a dress rehearsal for a choir concert and thus unavailable to model:

Ottobre 4/2005 #33 "Puff-ball skirt" in a size that doesn't exist. The smallest size was 134, which is fine for height but way too big around. So I altered it to make it narrower -- not exactly difficult since the shapes of the pices are pretty basic.

Also, I did the lining differently than the pattern. I went ahead and made darts in the lining (the pattern uses elastic around the waist to take in the extra fabric). I handstitched the lining to the skirt along the waist (the pattern leaves them as 2 totally separate pieces, attached only at the hem -- each is supposed to have its own button or hook fastening). And then I put some elastic in the back, sewn into the lining plus into the grosgrain ribbon used at the waist (the pattern calls for petersham rather than grosgrain, but I didn't have petersham).

All of which give a smoother lining next to AnnaBeth's waist:

Plus I think it will be easier to get on and off having the lining attached to the skirt rather than having to fasten the lining and then the skirt over it.

Thus ends our adventures in bubble skirts for this Christmas. Although Ottobre has at least one more bubble skirt pattern ....

Next, to the fabric store to buy trims to embellish a sweater. I can't do that, though, until the last Girl Scout comes and picks up the rest of her fall nut order ... the mom said she'd stop by this morning, and, yoohoo, she has precisely 30 minutes until the morning is over. At least I have plenty to do here while waiting.

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kitten said...

What a wonderful job! Maybe you could find some time to come and sew KB and me some of that pretty stuff! :)