Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Past Week

In the past week we've:

Opened presents:

Sculpey rat and cat by Annabeth:

Matching totes for girl and doll designed and sewn by Thalia:

Had our traditional treasure hunt:

Usually the clues are rhymed couplets, but this year Rick did them all in haiku

one of which really struck the kids as funny

and if you read Percy Jackson books you'll know why and recognize the last line of this haiku. Plus you'll understand why the syllable count is actually perfect.

Got a Wii:

Ate a lot of omelettes (Rick got a nice omelette pan for Christmas, and spent the day perfecting his technique):

Built Lego(and if you're a Percy Jackson fan you also know why this building is a good one to have):

Visited Grandma and Grandpa:

Organized the basement (no pics, but the wrapping paper is so organized that you're going to need to submit a requisition if you want anything from that area because it is PERFECT right now, and you'd better not start rummaging around in it).

Had Aunt Vi and Uncle Chelsea over.

Played lots of Wii,Skittle Bowl and air hockey.

And read a lot. And watched lots of movies.

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Trish said...

yay!! a new post!! thank you!!
HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your family!!