Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Introducing the newest members of our cast of characters


and Bethany

Adult rats we just got from another family.

The cat's initial reaction to us dragging small rodents through the house:

Although at about 6 this morning the other cat suddenly realized HEY! THERE'S SOMETHING MOVING IN THERE! You know what? These cats let a mouse chew all the way through the wall of the garage and eat the wiring to the sprinkler system, so surely they can just get over the rodents in the living room.

Fourth grade science for December: All About Rats.


km said...

Fun times ahead. Although, our cat doesn't even acknowledge our gecko. You'd think a 'lizard' in the house would be as exciting as the one he caught in the yard but apparently not.

Ami said...

Because I'm a giver, I give you my rat post from this time last year:


Have a nice time with the rats. I heard they're winning the rat race, but I'm not running, so am not at all sure they are. Winning, I mean.

Ami said...

And, because I just can't leave well enough alone, here is something else about rats:


Trish said...

the new editions are cute!! :o)