Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Around the House

The tree:

Closer look at tree skirt, with bonus cat:

The tree skirt was made years ago using an idea from Family Fun magazine. Everyone put a handprint on it that first year, including grandparents. Since then, Thalia and AnnaBeth put a new set of handprints on every year. They get a kick out of looking over the old handprints each time we get it out.

The fireplace tableau:

The black cat likes to eat the needles of the fiber optic tree.

The child clowning around in the reindeer-themed boxer shorts in front of the fireplace:

We also have little Christmas village pieces with moving parts. This one has a little train that goes into the house.

This is Black Cat's first Christmas at our house. It's been a busy season for her.


Ami said...

Love the tree skirt idea.

But my kids are too old.

I'm now trying to decide between getting pregnant or encouraging the 21 year old to get married and/or father a child.

Hmm. Choices.

Tara said...

I'm chuckling. We have a new kitty this year too. She's a kindred spirit with your sweet jet black baby... always into something.