Friday, December 12, 2008

Weekly Report -- Dec. 12

A quiet week insofar as actual schoolwork goes, but much activity in the realms of preparing for Christmas and blowing of noses filled in the gaps.

The concept:

Finish up current section of Life of Fred Algebra 1, then start on Teaching Company DVD of Algebra 1 as a mid-year change of pace. Use Christmas carols for Latin, Spanish and French study. For the Spanish Christmas carols, use Feliz Navidad by Anna Maria Mahoney, borrowed from library for this occasion, which comes with a CD. Latin and French can come from hymnal and Internet -- we'll just sing them.

The reality:

Thalia is sick with the cold I had last week. She asked to skip math since her brain is clogged with snot. And she is offended that the Spanish to English translations of the carols in the library book are not accurate: "Celebramos Navidad" obviously isn't the same as "Troll the ancient Yule tide carol" at the end of Deck the Halls. I consider an assignment in correcting the translations, but, frankly, I'm too busy with taking the kids to the dentist and dealing with the Girl Scout Fall Product Sale to really follow up on getting a sick kid to put in that much effort.

Instead, by Thursday Thalia and AnnaBeth are spending the day playing board games. Thalia works some on flashcards for her languages, but stops when she runs out of lavender cards, which are apparently the designated card for adjectives (where the heck did we get lavender index cards?). Thalia also works on making Christmas cards, while AnnaBeth focuses on making Christmas gifts.

AnnaBeth managed to complete 3 lessons of First Language Lessons Level 3. This means we have only 20 more lessons until the end of the book. I have no clue what we'll do at that point. I suggested that we spend the extra time on science and history, and she is quite enthused. And she completed 2 lessons of RightStart D, both on using gallon/half gallon/ quart measures. Today's lesson involves music -- whole notes compared to half notes and quarter notes. I expect it to be done with much rolling of eyes and complaints that it is soooooo easy.. Also, she completed Ecoutez-Parlez level 1, and is ready to take a break from French.


Tonia said...

Hope your daughter is feeling better - it's hard to think when you have a cold!

How are you liking Ecoutez Parlez? I've been looking at it for use in the future, possibly.

Have a good weekend! :0)

My Two Blessings said...

Yep, it's hard to think with a clogged nose. Hope she feels better soon.

Robin of mytwoblessings