Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Work in Progress Wednesday

Mrs. H, our hostess for WIP Wednesday, is doing a year-end wrap up of her projects. Which sounds like a nice idea, except that I don't want to think about all of those dress collars I crocheted this fall, let alone link to pictures. I'd rather forget about that, thank you.

So, what are we carrying over into the new year as works in progress?

The Chicknits hoodie, which I'm starting to believe is never going to be done. I ripped back the left sleeve on Christmas because, once again, the increases were wrong. Then I knit the entire sleeve while watching all 6 DVDs of Star Wars (not including Clone Wars) on Christmas Day.

I'm now working on the hood, as shown in this back view.. I picked up the stitches for it while watching Patrick Stewart play Scrooge in our DVD of A Christmas Carol. Tonight we'll be watching Marx Brothers movies for New Year's Eve (a family tradition) -- perhaps I'll get the hood finished. Sheesh, this was supposed to be an autumn project, not a project that dragged on until spring. (All of those lace collars really goobered up my plans for autumn, you know.)

The American Girl-size Irish Dance dresses didn't get done for Christmas:

The next step is to sew together the bodices in order to see if I'm on the right track. Then I'll try making capes. Note that I bought some lace for the collars -- no, I'm not crocheting itsy-bitsy lace collars for these things. No, no, no. No more lace collars.

Other works in progress around the house: Rick re-painted the family room this week. It is now less pinky-peachy, and no longer looks like the set for The Golden Girls. He has a bit of trim work to do, and then that project is over. He was going to work on the brakes on my car this morning (Uncle Chelsea said he'd come over to instruct), but decided that doing brakes in an unheated, un-insulated garage in 20F weather wasn't really the thing to do today, so Midas did them last night.

And the kids are working on jigsaw puzzles. They're also steadfastly ignoring my suggestions that it would be pleasant to start the new year with their rooms freshly vacuumed; I expect this discussion to be ongoing and escalating in volume throughout the day.


Ami said...

You make the most wonderful things. And I totally agree with the purchase of lace for the dresses rather than making the collars yourself. I can't understand why there would be any question, actually.

In fact, many people of my acquaintance, when faced with a quandary of those proportions simply ask themselves, WWAD? Then, the answer simply presents itself. I'm told it's very nearly a religious experience.

Gail said...

It was younger dd who asked if I'd be crocheting the collars for the small dresses. But I was able to channel you and say "no", thank God/Ami.

Mrs. H. said...

Lovely hoodie, and my daughter (also an American Girl fan) just finished commenting on how adorable the Irish Dance Dress is.

Tara said...

I'm amazed at the amount of sewing and knitting you produce. The dance dresses are going to be beautiful! I've entertained the notion of making a bellydance costume for Tess's American Girl but after all the work I do on her real costumes, I don't have the time! Maybe now that she's started Andolusian, I can make a little Flamenco style dress... that wouldn't be so involved I think.