Monday, December 15, 2008

Weekend Recap

The weekend started with 7 dozen cookies. Thalia and I were going to work together to make them, but we decided to nix that idea since she was still sneezing quite a bit ("would you like bit of snot as frosting on that cookie?" eww!). We chose to use this recipe for oatmeal, cranberry, white chocolate chip cookies. I made 2 batches to get the 7 dozen I needed.

Thalia was also planning on going to a sleepover, but we also nixed that idea due to the remnants of the cold. Instead, Rick took the kids out for ice cream, then we curled up in front of a fire and watched Prince Caspian (again).

Saturday morning we took our cookies to church where the kids assembled dozens upon dozens of cookie trays -- about 30 platters of 7 dozen cookies each were transformed into mixed trays of 3 dozen each. The kids had a huge assembly line going, parents wrapped plastic around the finished trays, the pre-orders were labelled, and all the trays were quickly whisked away for sale on Sunday morning at $10 donation per tray. It was a great fundraiser for the kids; all the trays were quickly sold.

And Saturday afternoon was the Christmas piano recital. Both AnnaBeth and Thalia did a great job playing a mix of Christmas carols, Suzuki selections, and other pieces. Perhaps later today I'll figure out how to load a video.

Sunday Aunt Linda whisked the girls away for lunch, then the afternoon performance of This Wonderful Life, which is a one man show based on It's a Wonderful Life. We had watched the movie on Saturday as prep for the stage show -- I think that helped AnnaBeth follow the show better, since she therefore had a clue what was going on. Afterwards she took them out for dinner and discussion of the play.

And now we're snug at home. We're in the midst of an ice storm and the local schools are cancelled -- which typically means we'll get nothing done either, since if the neighborhood streets are at all passable all the kids in the neighborhood will be running back and forth between houses.

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