Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Work in Progress Wednesday

I carted my Chic Knits Hoodie along when we went to archery lessons last week. This is what I love about the archery lessons -- it's an excuse to sit around for 1.5 hours, knitting and chatting. Also, you can wear whatever shoes you want (we've never been involved in anything that didn't involve Special Flooring That Needs Special Shoes), so I like that, too. And it's really inexpensive. But I digress.

The point is that one of the girls asked what I was working on -- a scarf? And I said, no, it's the same sweater that I've been working on, and now I'm knitting the sleeve. I laid it out for her to see

and she gasped, "Wow! That looks like a real sleeve!" Not much you can say to that comment, is there.

Actually, I knit on the sleeve a while, then ripped back out everything I'd knit because I realized that I was decreasing too quickly and was going to end up with a wonky curve under the arm. Then I knit back out to where I am now, ready to start the ribbing for the sleeve cuff.

In the meantime, the kids are working on this year's Christmas cards, which are Christmas wreaths on a tan background.

They're punching circles out of various green paper using various paper punches we have around here, then gluing them on. I tried one, and ended up with glue all over the place. I also tried those little foam adhesives to get a more 3D effect -- I thought it looked cool, but was overruled on the basis that the raised bits would get rumpled and smashed in the mail. Also, Thalia's color sense tells her that these should be on a red background; but my errand-sense says that we'll get some red paper later tonight, not right now, so go ahead and work with what we've got.

Also, we have several stealth Christmas projects going right now which we're not posting photos of.

And, hallelujah, the last of the Trophy Nuts will be delivered tomorrow morning, thus ending the Fall Product Sale, for which I was troop coordinator -- a role I volunteered for mostly so I wouldn't be asked to do anything with the cookies (I hate the cookies). It hasn't been that complex, but was just one more thing to have strung out all over the house, what with all of the paperwork and boxes.

Some of us really like the extra boxes we got from it, though.

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Mrs. H. said...

Your hoodie is coming along nicely, and I feel you about the covert knitting ops. There are plenty of "secret" projects going on around here, especially since my daughter and I both knit and sew!