Saturday, December 6, 2008

Weekly Report -- Dec. 5

What a week. Monday we were recovering from Thanksgiving and Oireachtas, and putting up Christmas decorations. We had Scouts this week, which typically ends up taking up taking the entire day as we prepare for the meeting. And I caught a cold and spent large amounts of time staring into space while blowing my nose.

Here's what we DID accomplish:

Math -- Thalia continued in Life of Fred Algebra 1. When she gets to a stopping place we'll start watching a Teaching Company DVD of Algebra 1 for a change of pace. AnnaBeth completed 2 lessons of RightStart D, both of which dealt with money as fractions.

English -- AnnaBeth started memorizing Emily Dickinson's A Slash of Blue, which is a poem she doesn't like. She worked on a couple of lessons of First Language Lessons Level 3. We'e decided to slow down our pace in FLL since we're going to be done with it soon. We skipped Writing With Ease. Thalia skipped Lightning Lit.

Other languages -- Thalia worked on making and using flashcards for Latin and Spanish. AnnaBeth finished Ecoutez et Parlez.

Action shot of AnnaBeth's French. This is how homeschool looks -- you do French at the kitchen table while eating snacks and dressed in kitty-cat ears and a black floor-length gown trimmed with white feather boa.

Read alouds -- We started In the Land of the Big Red Apple as we continue to move through Little House Books, Rose Years. And, of course, we read stories about St. Nicholas. We also fit in a bit of The Phoenix and the Carpet by E. Nesbit. Rick started reading some of our Christmas books as night time read alouds.

We also had piano lessons and swimming lessons (woohoo -- AnnaBeth was promoted to the next level at the Y!). We cut back drastically on dance lessons as we're taking a wee bit of a break for December.


kitten said...

Sounds like a great week to me! Beautiful picture!

km said...

So mine aren't the only ones who homeschool in costume. =0)

Tonia said...

And I thought my dd was the only one to dress up for school! :0)

Have a good weekend!