Friday, January 16, 2009

Hmmm, now what?

I'm this far on my sock:

Actually, I was this far last night, but I decided it needed negative ease, so I ripped it all out and started over, and am back to that point.

I started this sock for something to do while I was waiting for my yarn from Webs, by the way. I'd forgotten I even had this skein of yarn. But, boy, I'm really enjoying these colors and this pattern. Love it, as a matter of fact. It's so much fun that visions of sock-knitting have been dancing in my head all morning ... I logged onto The Loopy Ewe to ponder other sock yarns and other socks that I could knit in the next couple of ... months/years/weeks/minutes.

(Conversation that took place while looking at the Loopy Ewe website:

AnnaBeth: "Is that the Loopy Ewe near us?"
Me: " There's only one Loopy Ewe, honey."
AnnaBeth: "Oh, so we could go there right now and get yarn?" [She was eyeing something called Pinkalicious at the time]
Me: "Well, WE DON'T HAVE A WORKING CAR, and I'm not walking there."

So, you know, I hadn't gone off the deep end about the sock knitting -- I'm not gonna walk that far in this weather just to squeeze sock yarn.)

Then the doorbell rang, and the postman (who must smoke in his truck) left this (smokey) package at the door:

The yarn for the Vest-uary knit along that PrairiePoppins is hosting, and the yarn for the fingerless mitts knit along that KM is hosting that started a couple of days ago, and also the yarn for a hat that's simply Something I Need That Does Not Involve a Knit Along. None of it smells like cigarettes, by the way.

It's interesting how the colors go so nicely with the sock yarn.

But, what DOES NOT GO WITH SOCK YARN ... knitting the new stuff. Oh, poor little Leyburn sock. It was fun while it lasted. The past couple of days with you have been wonderful. But the lime green Pastaza, the periwinkle Classic Silk, the heathery amethyst of the Cascade 220 that will felt so beautifully, who can resist it?

(Thank goodness I didn't order that $100 worth of sock yarn I was admiring this morning.)


km said...

Guess I never thought about how close you must be to the Loopy Ewe. What a fun place to shop. Of course with the current temps, I wouldn't blame you for shopping online.

I'm speeding along on a mitt and a sock.

Tara said...

Those colors are just wonderful. Can't wait to see what they turn into.