Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tuesday Tea Time

It's been weeks and weeks since we've had a Tuesday Tea Time. But we finally have a Tuesday with no other commitments, and can have a leisurely afternoon drinking tea and reading poetry.

The table was set with Christmas plates and placemats, since this IS the Twelfth Day of Christmas:

Trader Joe's provided an assortment of holiday baked goods -- Candy Cane Jo-Jos, Mexican Hot Cocoa Cookies (I'm totally addicted to these), and Almond Snowmen:

and our beverage was chamomile tea.

We read the Lamb version of Twelfth Night. We'd not read that version before. AnnaBeth was disappointed that "it didn't have the letter" -- don't you hate it when your kids remember stray bits of Shakespeare and gripe about abridged versions? I think she was referring to that whole business with Sir Andrew, Maria, and Sir Toby, characters whom Lamb just plain left out.

Afterwards we started to put the Christmas decorations away.

Goodbye until next year, Christmas plates!


km said...

I love your TTT. It's the thing I'd look forward to all week. And I'm sure it's great to enjoy the quiet in contrast to the busy in the rest of life.

Tara said...

This is such a nice tradition. I love those placemats!