Friday, January 9, 2009

Weekly Report -- Jan. 9

A slow start to the new year. It was hard to get back into the groove of school this week.

We started out by doing a lot of read alouds -- we finally finished Heidi, which was overdue at the library.

We also made sure all of our thank you cards were done. This was a group project:

Few handwriting books discuss the problems of trying to write while sitting cross legged on the floor with a large cat on your lap. It isn't really considered the correct posture for proper handwriting, for some reason.

Some other highlights:

AnnaBeth was back at First Language Lessons 3, reciting Emily Dickinson's A Slash of Blue, and diagramming sentences with compound subjects and compound predicates. We worked on multiplication in RightStart D, read chapter 10 of Minimus (a Latin program), and got back in the swing of piano lessons, choir, and dance. Her Brownie troop worked on a badge about the human body, so I considered that science for the week.

Thalia is back to Life of Fred Algebra 1. We discussed the possibility of using The Teaching Company Algebra 1 DVD for a change of pace, but she'd rather finish Fred before she tries something else. She's reciting Latin vocabulary as I type. Oh, wait, no -- she's conjugating Spanish verbs. No, no -- it's definitely Latin. And, of course, she also attended Scouts, archery, choir, piano, and dance. Wow, we did NO outside activities for 3 weeks, and it was such an incredible break.

As for me, after a month-long break I started back on Henle. To my surprise, I'd actually retained some of it. I'm starting the 5th declension now. I loved the 4th declension, and resolved that if I was forced to speak Latin for survival I would figure out how to do it using solely the 4th declension. Maybe the 5th declension will be as good. I'm also getting back in the swing of listening to audiobooks from The Teaching Company, currently listening to arguments for and against the Constitution in The Great Debate.


Lori C, Texas said...

Cute picture!


Kim said...

Thanks for the laugh, mine tries to write like that too-I have explained many times about proper posture and the importance thereof ;) But she just doesn't believe me.

Ami said...

Oh you're a better person than I am... we still have not done our thank-yous.

::making note to self:::

Tara said...

We are trying to ease back in as well. Oh, it's heavenly not to have a single lesson, dance practice or social commitment for a whole week. And I'm glad I'm not the only one counting Thank You notes for school...