Friday, January 30, 2009


Okay, it's not exactly a "weekly report" because it's taken us 2 weeks to do about a week's worth of work. We've had car issues. We've had nice weather that beckoned us outside:

We've had snowy weather that had us grabbing shovels and getting to work:

And we've had much packing, with Thalia and I going on a camping trip last weekend, and Thalia going on a retreat this weekend.

And, of course, GIRL SCOUT COOKIES. The orders are now in, though, and we can forget about it until the end of February we are suddenly proud owners of 220 boxes that we need to distribute (better than last year when we had 320 boxes -- lucky for us the incentives this year weren't nearly as attractive, so we didn't feel compelled to sell that extra 100 boxes).

School has happened here and there, though. Some highlights:

Thalia suddenly shouting out through a quiet house, "I GOT IT! I GOT IT!" when she solved a particularly snarly algebra problem.

AnnaBeth counting down the final few lessons of First Language Lessons 3 (only 4 more lessons, then it's party time!). She's getting sillier and sillier with these lessons. Today she was supposed to draw a box around prepositional phrases before she diagrammed the sentence; she turned each box into a litter box, complete with kitty litter.

AnnaBeth finished Minimus 1 this week. She's taking a break from Latin before starting the next program, which will most likely be Latin for Children.

Thalia asked to skip the rest of the Analytical Grammar review sessions and just do the regular Season 2 lessons. Grammar comes easily to her; I think she considers this "fun". Egads.

We were invited to see a dress rehearsal of a production of Much Ado About Nothing, which will take place later today. So far we've read a condensed version of the play in preparation. I placed a hold on a video of it (the Branagh version) which we'll probably get next week. Thalia has been on a Shakespeare jag lately, so this fits in nicely.

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