Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Work in Progress Wednesday

Koolhaas hat knit in Pastaza, finished this morning. I tried taking a self portrait of the top of my head in it.

But looking at that picture makes me feel a little dizzy, like I'm about to fall onto the brick fireplace ledge there behind me. So I nabbed a nearby child and took another picture.

Better. I need A Warm Hat for this weekend (Girl Scout camping), so this is it. I wanted to wear it this afternoon when we went to the library, but the kids thought it looked weird, since it made my head look "too small" ("I believe what you're trying to say is that it makes me look like a pinhead.") Apparently it corrals my hair mightily, and they're used to seeing my hair stick out every which way, so the sleeker look was very disturbing to them. So I didn't wear it. Which was just as well, since it's over 40F, and my head would have probably spontaneously combusted due to the heat. It's a VERY warm hat.

Also, almost finished with a fleece pullover for Thalia. She picked out some fabric on sale, and I altered the pattern I had used for my fleece pullover (Jalie 2212).

Except when I tried to take a picture, it came out sort of periwinkle

which isn't the actual color. It's more of a Graham Purple (which doesn't make sense unless you're involved in Irish Dance, but really, trust me -- mine is Clarkson Blue and hers is Graham Purple).

So, more messing around with the camera, and oddly enough I could get closer to the correct color by using the "underwater" setting on the camera.

Again, this warm item was in honor of Girl Scout camping, during which the temps should fall back down into the teens and twenties. Which reminds me, I need to go wash my wool socks.


Nikki said...

That's a very pretty hat; I like it. Good-looking and functional is a great combination, isn't it?

Mrs. H. said...

The hat looks great, and I love that fleece shirt. You are a talented seamstress.

Ami said...

I love the hat. Fleece looks awesome, too.

Have a good time with the Girl Scout thing. I really miss 'my' girls.

I can't wear hats. They give me a headache. Sometimes the Girl Scouts gave me a headache, too.

Tara said...

Great hat! I'm wishing I had more fleece at the moment. We haven't seen anything out of the teens in weeks. Brrr!