Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Second Finished Project of 2009

First, here's the good news: I think I know how to use the timer on the camera.

Now, here's the bad news: the Basic Chic Hoodie is ...

not what I expected. Sort of big. Sort of a mistake.

(Also, I need to work on what's in the background of the picture when I set the timer. That large blue thing to the right of my hip is an exercise ball.)

You know, it just a few hours to make a fleece top that was sort of big. I didn't get stressed about it -- I cut off the sleeves some, and figured out how to make it better next time. After all, I'd invested less than a day and less than $10 in that top. But, gees, I've been knitting this sweater since October, and to put it on and realize "hmm, those shoulders are too big, and it's too bulky through the body, and the weight of the hood is dragging the entire thing backwards off of me", well, that's just disheartening.

(And in this shot, that thing behind me is a table with a television and DVD player. Also, we need new blinds.)

So, now the eternal question -- do I try to fix it? (I think if I took off the button bands, took off the hood and made it into a collar, put the button bands back on, and sewed seams up the sides to take up some of the bulk, it might be okay ... sheesh, doesn't that sound like A LOT of work?) Try to find it a new home? Or just stick it in a drawer and pretend it never happened?


Ami said...

I have a very simple solution for you.

Chocolate, Pasta, and large meals that include lots of sauces.

I can see it's a little large, but it doesn't seem too bad. Of course, I can't *feel* the hood dragging the whole thing down.

It really is very well made.

Tara said...

It really looks beautiful... even if it's not fitted perfectly. I can understand your feelings of wanting it to feel good and look fantastic, after all the work you've invested. Plus it just stinks to wear clothes that constantly have you pulling, tugging or feeling annoyed in general. Maybe set it aside and think about it for a while?

Anonymous said...

It looks to me like you cleverly knit a Christmas gift for someone without even realizing it! :) Can you give it to someone?