Sunday, April 18, 2010

New Idea!

This morning I realized that churches should have a special section for people who are ... ummm ... enthusiastic about the use of scented products and perfumes in their personal hygiene routines.

All the scented-product enthusiasts (isn't that a kind way to say it?) should be corralled together with the strategic use of exhaust fans around their area so that the rest of the congregation can be safe from having their olfactory nerves damaged.

Remember, you heard it here first.


Ami said...

I think it's time for people like you and me to print up cards.

We can hand them to the offensive people.

Something like:

You stink. I understand that when you bathed in your chosen scent you thought it would make you smell good. But you've been using it so long that it has crisped your nose hairs and paralyzed the olfactory center in your brain. I can smell you about seven feet away, and the cloud you leave behind lingers for hours.

Lighten up for the love of Pete!

What do you think? Would it work?
My hubby has taken to theatrically waving his hand in front of his face and loudly proclaiming how horrible that person smells. He coughs. He hacks. He swears.

But I don't think it helps.

TaraChristiane said...

And not just in churches!
Last week a client came by to drop off a job and I almost fell over from the scent... I had to work hard to keep from making a face while we reviewed what needed to happen. Afterwards we lit some candles and opened the house. This person could easily lead our local chapter of Scent Enthusiasts!

Gail said...

Ami, I was thinking about wearing a tshirt and hat with the message on it front and back -- something along the lines of "stay away from me if you're wearing perfume".

What was so irksome is that these people asked me if the seats next to me were available. It wasn't until they sat down that I realized I should've had them fill out a scent-disclosure form ("How much scent have you applied today? Do you plan to apply more while sitting near me? Do you really think it will help to pop mint gum into your mouth and add that smell to the mix?").

Tara, a friend and I has JUST been talking about that exact subject in the vestibule before I went into the service (ironically). She says the doctor she works for forbids patients to wear perfume for appointments.

km said...

I so agree. My hubby asked me why it seemed I always avoided a friend's husband. I hope it's not too obvious, but I can't sit next to that couple in Sunday School. Sheesh.

Staci said...

Hate to burst your bubble, but our church actually has a special "scent-free" section. You can only sit there if you're not wearing perfume. They also request that you not wear perfume to ladies Bible study. We have several people with severe scent allergies.