Thursday, April 8, 2010

What we've got so far

We've got the dress to a wearable state:

It still needs a ruffle around the yoke, and a bunch of grosgrain ribbon. But at least it's wearable.

Also, a turtleneck, made this morning from Jalie 2805 and some black bamboo/cotton/lycra fabric. Shown here with the black knit pants I made for the occasion:

(photo removed due to issues involving creepy people)

Super soft, But the neck was too small to even get over her head! Yikes! So I cut it off and put a LARGE neck on. She's a little worried that her teachers won't approve the loose neck. One of the reasons I decided to make a turtleneck instead of purchasing it was because she hates to have tight turtlenecks, so I suggested she simply tell the teachers it's a sensory issue. Most people understand that sort of thing, and can tell tales of some family member cutting out all of the tags in their clothing.

Currently I have no deadlines for any sewing projects looming. What an odd feeling!

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