Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday's To-Do List

Things to sew in the near future:

New cube for the rats. Or some sort of new design of a cube/hammock. It would help if Bethany stopped trying to rip new windows in the cubes with her teeth. Also, Daphne keeps peeing right outside the cube, which wicks right into the fabric, so we need more than the 2 we currently have for a better laundry rotation.

Capris for me. I have these already laid out, using a Tried and True (TNT) Ottobre pattern. Except I'm changing a bunch of stuff on it, so it might not be so TNT as I think.

Dress for Thalia for 8th grade graduation. Must fit certain parameters that ruled out everything she owned. Add to that her tendency to want to follow the letter of the law while defying the spirit (in other words, lots of comments like, "well, they didn't SAY you couldn't have a slit all the way up the skirt to your hip bone"). It's so fun to select patterns with a smart alecky 14 year old. How did my mom live through my sister and I at this age? Sheesh. Anyway, we've found a Simplicity pattern that we both like, and Simplicity goes on sale at JoAnn Fabrics later this week.

Another dress for Thalia and one for AnnaBeth for Patricia's wedding. These must be pink, which is unacceptable to Thalia for the graduation dress. Drat. Also, AnnaBeth has specified that she wants hers sewn first because she doesn't want it to be one of these things that we slap together at the last minute. Which is what happened with the Easter dress which turned out pretty good. Apparently she'd rather not press her luck on trying that again. Also, she wants to use a different pattern then the Easter dress. Drat.

Finally, it occurred to me last night that I should maybe have a new dress for the various dressy things we're going to this spring and early summer. Not that I care that much whether I wear the same things over and over and over (which you've noticed if you know me in real life). But it might be nice to have a backup dress. Sort of like the rats need a backup cube. Although for different reasons, since I don't think I'll rip a hole in my clothing with my teeth, nor will I pee on it. But you know what I mean.

Okay, once I've typed it all out it doesn't seem like such a huge deal. We can do this.

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Bridgett said...

Your back up dress cracked me up.