Saturday, April 17, 2010

Weekly Report 4/16/10

The big news:


Okay, actually I had little to do with it, since Thalia took it in a co-op setting. I graded some of her stuff, and looked over her lab reports. She had an excellent teacher, which is good because she wasn't that impressed with the book or some of the topics covered. Their final project was one she enjoyed -- they were instructed to design a planet that orbited a known star. Thalia's was the planet Sobek, which had no oceans -- instead it has many, many rivers. And from a distance the rivers look like heiroglyphs.

Other than that, Thalia has been working quite a bit on Jump In and Jacob's Algebra. She had to write up an autobiography for a group that she's in. And she continues with Mango Spanish. We need to figure out exactly what will take priority now that Analytical Grammar and Physical Science are finished.

AnnaBeth's priority is math -- we dearly want to be finished with RightStart E as soon as possible. Alas, there are about 50 lessons left. We've finished with areas of parallelograms and triangles for the time being, and are now back into division (leading up to factoring and prime numbers, which is pretty fun stuff). She's nearly done with First Language Lessons 4, so when we're compressed for time we feel okay about skipping it. We do Writing With Ease 4 days per week -- it's getting easier and easier. And she's taking a break from Mango French because there was a glitch in the program and it seemed an appropriate time to stop and work on some other things (like earning every Girl Scout badge possible before her troop's Court of Awards which is coming up soon).

In history this week we learned about Ned Kelly, the Iron Outlaw of Australia. Our read aloud is still Time Cat by Lloyd Alexander. Both kids are in a murder mystery, and thus spend part of each day running lines.

Piano and dance are ongoing, but Scouts will soon be over ... I love this time of year when things are ending and we're discovering more free time to try new things.

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