Monday, April 12, 2010

Not-Really-Weekly Homeschool Report


Analytical Grammar is DONE! Thalia has completed the entire course. Her grammar exercises for the rest of the year will be confined to pencilling in grammatical corrections to her Apologia science textbook (she's contemplating a career in editing just because she thinks some of the errors are stupid and annoying).

In other news, AnnaBeth continues to plod through First Language Lessons. She's currently memorizing "The Height of the Ridiculous", which we also have on CD as part of Linguistic Development Through Poetry Memorization, although a couple of the words are different. We opted to use the FLL version.

In other memorization news, both kids are working on parts in a murder mystery. They're rather vague on when this will be performed.

AnnaBeth is still using the Writing With Ease workbook 3, from which we got the inspiration for our latest read aloud, Time Cat by Lloyd Alexander (having finished Anne of Green Gables last week).

Let's see, in RightStart E math AnnaBeth has been figuring out how to find the area of a parallelogram. From here we'll move on to finding the area of triangles.

AnnaBeth has also been working on several Girl Scout Junior badges as homeschool assignments. She's completed the Oil Up badge, which touched on science as well as geography. And we're starting several of the outdoor badges, which have us investigating native plant species. OVer the weekend we were distributing our April Shower bags, and I kept giving pop quizzes about the trees we were passing (AnnaBeth did fine, even with ones I wasn't sure she knew).

And Thalia is finishing up her Apologia Physical Science class by studying astronomy, one of her favorite subjects.

As a tangent to learning about the Suez Canal, we listened to Leontyne Price's CD of Aida (which doesn't actually have much to do with the Suez Canal other than someone hoped that it could be performed at the opening since it was written at about the same time). AnnaBeth particularly enjoyed this (who knew?), and it counted towards a Junior badge (important since we're all about the extrinsic awards here -- I mean, why bother enjoying music -- or anything -- for it's own sake when you could get a badge as a reward for jumping through the appropriate hoops?).

And other school-type stuff went on ... sigh, it's hard to list it all without it sounding like, you know, a list that we plod through daily.

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