Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Work in Progress Wednesday


Needs a top and the little hanger-thingies, then it's done.

I have about 3.5 to 4 yards of this fabric -- it's a denim-weight. Why do I own this? Where did it come from? It's a mystery. Also, do rats eat ladybugs? I think maybe they do. Bethany found an ant one day, and ate it. And they'll eat this fabric whether or not they eat actual ladybugs.

Collar-in-Progress: Number 3 is started. I found a selection of Playaways at the library, so I checked one out to listen to while I crochet. It's not a book I'd read Rules of Decption by Christopher Reich), but the good stuff was all checked out. So I put a couple of holds on other Playaways.

Here's the thing -- this crocheting is mind-numbingly boring, and I can't read while I crochet (unlike knitting). I need something to listen to whilst sitting around crocheting and waiting for kids to finish whatever class I'm giving them a ride to.

Here's a finished collar, unblocked:

I'll get a photo of a blocked and starched one sometime. And then maybe someone will get a picture after they put the crystals on and put them on the dresses (you know, like, if anyone who takes lots of cool pictures with her swanky new camera has a daughter wearing one of the dresses to compete at Nationals, for instance ... gosh, I wonder if we could think of anyone who could do that ... hmmm...).

I'd write more, but I have an overwhelming amount of stuff to do. More about that later, with bonus whining.

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Ami said...

I have never heard of a playaway until now.


I still prefer books, I can't STAND it when the reading is too slow. Also, I can skip the crap I'm not interested in and then flip a few pages back if I miss something.

Is sewing for your rats the same as someone cooking for their dog?