Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rat Couture

I've been sticking a big, old t shirt in the rat cage on a hammock -- Cally has loved burrowing through it and sleeping in it. I usually switch it with another big, old t shirt during the week since the new, young rats are, shall we say, rather leaky. So I just throw it in with the rat laundry (peed on cube, other fleece bits that have been used for various acts of elimination, crudded up hammocks).

But this past week Bethany went on one of her tangents wherein she decided that everything in the cage needed to be stuffed in the cube, and then all moved out of there (mostly because I switched out the cube) and dragged back down to be stuffed into the igloo. She gets sort of OCD with this -- she can spend hours and hours dragging a large object into a very small place using her teeth.

When I took the t shirt out of the igloo and threw it in the wash, we discovered just how much work she had put into dragging it around (for the record, it had no holes in it before it was donated to Ratland).

I'm thinking it has a certain cachet. Don't you think so? Can you see this in an Etsy shop or on Ebay? One of a kind Rat Couture! It's a new level of grunge!


Freakmom said...

If you can get one big movie star to buy one, the girls can go to the colleges of their choice!

Luke said...

Looks like the kind of work Rambo does at our house [smile]. Though, he leaves his felt hammock alone. But if he finds plants or shirts or sweaters... yeah.


Sara said...

Ha. Love it! Rattie couture! :-)