Thursday, June 17, 2010

All Twelfth Night All the Time

It was pouring this morning -- absolutely pouring -- as we were getting ready to go to rehearsal, and still pouring on the drive there. And the entire time I had Ben Kingsley in my head, singing The Rain It Raineth Every Day:

Last night I picked the kids up at 5pm, and they were absolutely beat from 8 hours of rehearsal. So we stopped on the way home to get some food (a huge treat -- we rarely eat out), then sat in front of the television watching the above DVD of the play -- a way to totally relax, yet still be "working". The kids spent much of the time discussing which lines the film left out, the blocking, the differences in characterization. And during one of Viola's speeches they started yelling, "SPIT! SPIT!" in reference to yesterday's conversation in the car.

I think they could've watched it with the sound turned off, dubbing in the voices themselves. I'm amazed how much of it I've learned just from running lines with them.

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Ami said...

I'm still giggling over the spit thing.
Perhaps I have a juvenile sense of humor.