Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Work in Progress Wednesday


We're going to a wedding later this month, and Thalia and AnnaBeth are supposed to light the candles. The bride asked that they wear pink.

AnnaBeth selected McCall's 4767 for her dress. She wanted pink with white dots, which we found in the quilting cottons at JoAnn Fabrics. And since JoAnn doesn't have a nice batiste to use as lining, we're using white muslin.

I need to actually sew the straps in place, fiddle some more with the lining, and hem it all.

I'm not sure how I want to do the hems. Right now they're just serged. The flounces are circular, which will be a pain to hem in quilting cotton. Hmmm....

After we purchased the pattern we heard that the groom's mom said this was turning into a white trash wedding (weddings so often bring out the best in everyone, don't they?). And my first thought was "CRAP! We shoulda done tube tops!" because when I hear the words "white trash" my first thought is "tube tops". In case you wondered, my second thought is Miley Cyrus singing "Party in the USA".

But, anyway, this is what we're stuck with as our salute to the genre. We haven't picked out Thalia's dress yet, so there's still hope that we can help fulfill the woman's expectations.


ITBS. Note the pile of tissues -- sudden onset of a cold just as we were getting started.


Auditions for Twelfth NIght were Monday morning, and they still haven't heard what parts they got. Considering that the play is in about 10 days, it would be nice to start memorizing lines. If we haven't heard soon I'll have to call. This waiting around is annoying.

NEWS FLASH! Viola and the Lead Clown are in the house! Now I need to go get printer ink since the printer just gave up on the 60 page script.

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