Monday, June 7, 2010

Random Weekend Stuff

AnnaBeth had a sleepover Friday night (a friend was celebrating that her brothers went to the Boy Scout Rally in Forest Park), and Thalia went to a friend's house, too. I spent most of the evening thinking, "Ack! I need to go pick up kids!" and then remembering that I didn't have to. It was weird.

But, since no one else was around, Rick and I got the pre-made shish kabobs from Whole Foods for supper and grilled them.

Saturday afternoon was hot, so we all went to the pool.

Saturday evening we finally watched Avatar. Are we the last people to see this movie? I wanted to spend the time crocheting, but I was wedged into a chair with a cat and a kid.

Sunday afternoon we watched Alice in Wonderland. Meh. Cool costumes, interesting special effects, otherwise boring.

I started the dress AnnaBeth is going to wear to her cousin's wedding. It's pretty simple, so that's zipping along. Pictures later.

The weather was pleasant, and we met one of the neighbors' babies (multiple birth a couple of weeks ago). Much oohing and aahing. They aren't cleared to have other people in their house yet.

Mostly it felt SO GOOD to not have to go anywhere. The perfect summer weekend.

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Anonymous said...

You may be the last people, but we were the second-to-last. We watched it last weekend and enjoyed it.

It may be a familiar storyline, but it was our kids' first encounter with it.