Friday, June 25, 2010

Things Done List

The things-to-do list is formidable, so I'm going to contemplate the things-done list from yesterday.

Made a pair of capri pants with cheap twill from Hancock Fabrics. These still need a buttonhole and button.

Spread 50 percent of the bark mulch.

Planted 2 dozen vincas and watered them in. Also, got hose and sprayer hooked up on side of house (I passionately hate messing with hoses, so this is significant).

Mowed front yard.

Ran numerous errands: purchased flower for front of AnnaBeth's dress; car snacks for weekend road trip; picked up tickets for the Muny next week; organized yarn for project to do in the car (since the crochet collars are, thankfully, done -- no clue if y'all are getting dresses or what's up with any of that, but my part of that entire venture is DONE! and it's all in the hands of the dressmaker, et al).

Oohed and aahed over the neighbor's triplets when they went out for a walk. In an unusual moment of self-restraint, refrained from commenting that the way they tended to want to all pile together reminded me of rats, sensing that the proud parents might be ... dismayed by that remark.

Fed people several times, Also fed rats and cats.

Laundry. Rick got home late Wednesday night and dumped out his suitcase, so all clothing-type laundry got done yesterday so he could pack everything right back up again. By the way, this is our current lifestyle -- constant travel punctuated here and there by a day home to do laundry.

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