Friday, June 18, 2010

Status Report

Jester pants done last night. I used New Look 6398, whacking them off at the knees. Fabric is uber-cheap polyester knit from Hancock.

Pants with top. After I took this shot I made triangular jags along the bottom of the top. No extra pic on that, but they're 60 degree angles, in case you wondered.

Action shot during rehearsal. I was standing in the shade, and thus far away. It was about 95F (35C) with a decent amount of humidity.

One of the other moms asked where we'd found them, and said, "Hancock Fabric ... they arose out of the fabric yesterday," waving my hands appropriately to show pants magically arising. Later I was commenting that AnnaBeth's entire life revolves around over-acting and being dramatic, and that same mom said, "So, she gets that from you, right?" Hmmmm.....

Here's Thalia's scene with Orsino towards the end. Thalia's on the left.

We came home, AnnaBeth and I went to the pool for about 30 minutes, and now everyone's just sort of sitting around staring into space.


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