Monday, June 21, 2010

Shakespeare Family Festival Finale

Words that sum up Day 2: hot and humid.

Sunday had a couple of additional entertainments. I hadn't seen this lady doing the calligraphy on Saturday. She writes on the paper with water, then drops ink on the water. It's really, really cool looking. And, of course, she makes it look so easy that any of us could do it, but you know it would be a mess.

A group taught English Country Dancing. AnnaBeth and I participated in the first dance, but then took a break during the line dance. I got just the last bit on film when I realized what a cool dance it was.

Then the Morris Dancers came out.

Again, just the end on film. Wouldn't this liven up a feis? I can think of some of the guys at dance (or, ahem, former students -- you know who I mean) who'd like to give this a try.

The play went much more smoothly on Sunday night. The sound problems were (mostly) ironed out, some of the kids who were a bit tentative on their lines did much better

and they added a spotlight so we could see the ending better. Too bad my photography remained fuzzy. This is Sebastian and Viola reunited. Note that Sebastian is several inches taller than Viola, has short, dark, curly hair (in contrast to her straight light brown), and speaks with a distinct accent. But, you know, other than that, "one face, one voice". Sorta.

As a bonus, I won tickets to the Magic House, the Botanical Garden, the Transportation Museum, and a Cardinals game. So that was pretty cool.

Okay, so we're attempting to re-hydrate, plus recover from over-consumption of funnel cakes. Also, all of the costumes are in the back of my car, in need of deliverance to Dayspring. Glad it's over, but sort of sad, too. The kids are already looking forward to next year's Shakespeare camp (Comedy of Errors) and the next Dayspring workshop.

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