Monday, June 28, 2010

The Muny

Once again, our dance school went to the Mumy, this time to see Beauty and the Beast. And, once again, it was a gorgeous night. What a fun time!

Except, you know how I always seem to attract Scent Enthusiasts? So, guess who sat one row up, 2 seats over on the upwind side! I couldn't believe it when he sat down; the kids burst out laughing. (If you're not part of our dance school and therefor in on the joke, picture being awash in Abercrombie.) At least it's an open air theatre.


TaraChristiane said...

Oh man, I can hardly stand to walk past A & F at the mall, let alone go in the place. (Don't understand the attraction to the clothing either, for that matter.) Well, hurray for open-air theaters...

Trish said...

you ALWAYS make me laugh and/or smile! we are going to the muny on wednesday...too bad i missed out on the lovely A&F smell!! :o)

Ami said...

One of my co workers arrived today hidden inside a cloud of perfume.
Scent enthusiasts indeed.

Love the pic, though.
Great smiles.