Friday, June 4, 2010

Final Show of the School Year

Finally, we're done with these various shows and recitals. Last night's was a Veggie Tale theme.

We couldn't get the camera to show the true color of the Larry-Boy shirt, which is purple. Oh well.

The kids in Thalia and AnnaBeth's class were the background/chorus. Their class did well with what they were supposed to do. And they had become good friends during the school year (doing improv games together every week has that effect), so it was nice that they had one last project to do together.

Under the stage lights with the camera set on nighttime/no flash we finally get a purple shirt!

As for the show: some good, some bad, some painfully bad. I kept thinking of Bridgett jabbing herself in the eye with a rusty fork -- we had some fork-worthy moments. But then there were times everything clicked together.

Mostly I'm just thrilled beyond words that we're finished with shows and recitals for this school year. Except that the kids are doing Shakespeare camp in a couple of weeks, which will end in 2 performances, along with a dance performance earlier that same Saturday. All of which happens after the next feis. Which is a week from tomorrow. So, off of one merry-go-round and onto another.


Ami said...

What, no wigs?

Gail said...

I know, it doesn't seem like a real performance without weird hair.

Maybe that was the problem.

Bridgett said...

I guess even homeschooling wouldn't have saved me from programs (I know this--Sophia did a summer hs tap and ballet class). Ah well!